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Flexibility is key

Office Furniture SoftwareAs our business model changes, our ability to change with it demands days, not months, of implementation. Our ERP system was developed to be modular, where all components complement one another. Since a large part of our business is OEM, we integrate into any system and any software. Our leading edge software was internally developed exclusively to meet all of these unique requirements.

Our in-house development team has over 25 years of experience in enterprise class database, manufacturing and engineering.

With Woodlore’s standard lead time of 8 days, we’ve engineered our infrastructure with next-to-no downtime. With redundant power supplies and mirrored data to protect against complete failovers, we have taken every measure possible to maintain services 24/7. We’ve acquired and written leading-edge tools to help us monitor all facets of our hardware. Regular, preventative maintenance keeps things running smoothly. In the very unlikely event of a complete failure, our commitment is to have our systems back up and running within an hour.

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